How much does a private jet flight cost?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is “how much does it cost to hire a private jet?”. Private jet pricing consists of several different factors all of which have to be considered when calculating each trip.

Below is a list of the variables and a brief explanation of each cost associated with chartering a private jet;

– Number of passengers – taxes, catering etc. for each passenger

– Distance of the flight – how long will the aircraft be flying for?

– Size of the aircraft – how much does the aircraft cost to fly per hour?

– Re position involved both before and after the trip – is a ferry flight required?

We take the stress out of hiring a private jet by providing you an all in price every time we quote and providing trip support right up until you land.

As an example of what you might expect to pay, we have listed a variety of aircraft and a typical route to give you a idea of the price to charter a private jet.

Very Light Jet – Citation Mustang 4 seats

Luton to Paris return Price: 6,000 GBP Flight time 55mins

Light Jet – Citation Bravo 7 seats

Luton to Nice return Price: 11,600 GBP Flight time 1hr 45mins

Super Light Jet – Citation XLS+ 8 Passenger Seats

Biggin Hill to Faro return 14,900 GBP Flight time 2hrs 40mins

Heavy Jet – Challenger 604 12 Passenger Seats

Luton to Teterboro 68,500 GBP Flight time 7hrs 30mins

When a private jet is flying back to its base with no passengers on board, either after a one way trip or flying to another airport between trips, the cost is partially paid for by the previous flight, this is called an empty leg. Empty leg flights can offer significant savings of up to 75% to our customers who are looking to hire a private jet. Visit our empty leg page for more information.

For further information or if you have a flight in mind which you would like a quote for, contact your private jet charter experts on +44 20 396 00123 or email us at

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