Global 6000 Private Jet

Global 6000 Private Jet Profile

The Global 6000 private jet is a wide body aircraft manufactured by Canadian company Bombardier, one of the worlds best aircraft manufacturers. The Global 6000 private jet provides a great cabin experience and delivers maximum comfort to passengers. With the fastest in-flight wifi through ka-band technology, passengers can stay connected. On board, the Global 6000’s advanced cabin management system makes relaxing fun. Passengers can watch movies, display documents on large cabin monitors and control cabin ambience at the touch of a button.
Global 6000 Private Jet
The Global 6000‘s spacious cabin seats up to 14 passengers across three functional zones with areas for; rest, work/dining and sleep. The cabin is bright and extremely quiet and gives passengers superior comfort for any length of flight. The rear of the aircraft has a divan bed & spacious wardrobe allowing privacy and a sound sleep for overnight flights.
Combining fantastic performance, range, speed and comfort the Global 6000 can fly 11,100KM, the equivalent of flying from London Farnborough to Tokyo. Another combination of cities that can be reached with a direct flight is from Paris to Los Angeles. With a global reach, this aircraft really lives up to its name.
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Falcon 2000LXS Exterior

Falcon 2000LXS Private Jet Profile

The Falcon 2000LXS is a wide body aircraft manufactured by the French based Dassault Aviation, one of the finest manufactures in the world. Offering an unrivalled range of up to 4,000nm (7,410km) complimented by the ability to access short and restrictive runways, the Falcon 2000LXS can get you closer to your final destination with ease.
Falcon 2000LXS Exterior
With a spacious cabin for up to 10 passengers, the Falcon 2000LXS Private Jet offers a bright and extremely quiet cabin ensuring passengers travel in superior comfort on any length of flight.
This aircraft ensures productivity no matter how far from home you are. With advanced connectivity and intuitive cabin management, you can control the cabin with most handheld devices. The luxury cabin also has leather reclining seats, a state of the art entertainment system, widescreen monitors and connection ports.
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Cannes Film Festival Private Jet

The glamorous 2019 Cannes film festival will be taking place from the 23rd – 25th May in the beautiful setting of St Tropez.

The Cannes Film Festival is seen as the most prestigious and renowned film festival in the world. Across the 3 day event, more than 30,000 industry professionals including actors, producers, screenwriters and anybody else you can think of involved in film will descend on the city from all parts of the Globe. The most prestigious award at the festival is the Palme d’Or for the best film. In addition to this there are many different categories and awards such as the Grand Prix & and the Prix du Jury.

Private Jet on the runway at Cannes

The quickest way to get to the Cannes Film festival is by flying to Cannes airport by Private jet.  For larger aircraft and commercial flights, these can take advantage of nearby Nice airport which is approximately 40 minutes by road. dBB Aviation can also provide single and twin engine helicopter transfers from your aircraft door at Nice to Cannes airport in only 10 minutes, making your trip even more seamless and reducing stress further.

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